trivielle band ERROR
We're sorry to inform you, that trivielle band is giving in for now. We tryed the best we could, the band is ruined.
- yeah and I have borrowed this video temporary, just to try it out.
It could take weeks, month's or years to take a desicion in such matters, and since there isn't a single penny left, a new trivielle band production just isn't possible at the moment. Nor is it possible to find the money for that new keyboard or a guitar, which is needed! if somebody should have had hoped for a career with this hobby business thing. In other words! there hasn't been that many visitors, at trivielle band website. My age is also moving up to the next level, so to speak, making it a little too difficult for me to contest with two jobs at a time. So this, for years to come, I will consider as my spare time hobby.
END OF MOVIE! reported by Carsten Smith ©
- jeg ska skrive et eller andet her, siger de, stemmerne inde i mit hovede. Men det gider jeg ikke i dag. So I guess, it will just have to wait, until another very beautiful day.