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Hi there! this is where you can write your stuff. The background was supposed to look like af tapestrip or somethin. Anyway! trivielle band isn't really a band. It's my label. I was a bit unlucky, back in the nineties, when I inherrited a cheap western guitar. Because I had that crazy dream, that I, some day, wanted to make or write some music, and record it in a real studio. So I rented a small setup, and tried to record my first songs, at a cassette recorder. That really turned this dream of mine on for good. So I started to collect things, and in the years 2009 to 2014, I mannaged to get some songs out there, as commercial digital downloads. They didn't make it that well, and "ordinary" streaming costumers rights of course remained, but I called the songs back home. In 2018 I decided to try it again, a song called, obviously, which I wrote and also produced myself. Maybe I shouldn't have done it that way. But I did and it's still out there, for you to buy. 2019 for now, that's just about it.


Right now? digging down to some odd uncertain feelings, that I suddenly remembered, something that happened years ago. That subject made me write a demeaning text in a funny way. Difficult to write that text, and also It's difficult not to offend anyone. So I propably won't have it ready this month either. But I recorded a session during this weekend, and maybe I can find some words for that one, 13/10/2019.

Writing at some, but really not that much going on here at the moment, 29/09/2019 dd/mm/yyyy.

buy my music!

link to the song, obviously, here

link to the song, obviously, here

some demo tracks

link to reg. demotrack at soundcloud,

link to reg. demotrack at soundcloud, hour

link to reg. demotrack at soundcloud, ego ⋿

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Style? I ain't got no style. Style's for rich people. Playing pop / soft rock, electronic shit, sing a song kind of thing. Anything possible if possible, according to the copyright law, or what ever my budgets allow me to get my hands on :-) No sir no shit! got no style, tapes only, og kun min egen.

Fritidsbeskæftigelse, amatør musiker / producer [dk]


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