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obviously cover 2018

this isn't going to be uploaded. I made that track during my vacation, back home. I went out to write something, at a peaceful place, which turned out to be anything else but peaceful. There seemed to be tourists everywhere, and ofcourse I don't mind, that our city is well visited. But that day, it seemed to be a little bit ekstra difficult to find just a park with a bench or some place, where one could sit quiet and alone for a while. So I walked back home, and thought about it. That was how this text found it's shape. I wrote the text that same afternoon, and without hesitating, simply recorded the track as it turned out. When it was ready to send out in public, I needed a cover. The summer heat was awful, and the daylight was very strong. So I absolutely needed to wear sunglasses, and then this character appeared somehow. Don't really know what to say about him. I believe he is trying the best he can to be a deacent man, but you know, he's also weared and little bit of a sizzy now and then. Honestly I think he is, and I don't really know what to do with him. He never brought one single penny back home.

this button is a soundcloud link, where my demo tracks has been uploaded


demo track cover 2020

maybe baby

demo track cover 2019


demo track cover 2019

happy hour

demo track cover 2019

indsæt billede

after work, forgot to shower and named the pic csfilthy, for the background image :-)

day time

This is another bg image, but you know? it's homemade, and it ain't tea for two, day time / winter time.