trivielle band
biography! There really isn't much to say about it, amateure musician, multimedia via website only workhourse. I've been making music for years, never been up on stage. Started this hobby, collected things for the make of music, since mid-nineties, 2009. During the following years, I released some songs, which have all been called back home. Because they didn't make much money, and some of them not even a single penny. If you don't make any money on your music, it ofcourse ain't worth it. But the thing is, that I'm a complete idiot, and I refuse to let go of my hobby. So I continue this way.
Status year 2020! Some of these songs have ten years of keep on dreaming maniversery. So I've found them in my archive and remastered the master versions of these to 2020 editions, and you can download them for free now. Style? ain't got no style. These were all singles, written and produced by me, back then.
article written by Carsten Smith, if I may.
obviously! I've have discontinued commercial sales of the song obviously. The song was written while I was on vacation in my very own local community, and the story is, that I went to a park for trying to write a song. But it was difficult to find a place, where one could sit peaceful and quiet. So after a few written sentences I gave up on it, went home and wrote that silly little text. That same afternoon, I started to record the song at home, and the following morning, very early in the morning it was ready, 2018. At first I made this very simple cover for obviously version 2, the second master mix. But I guess I wasn't to happy about it. So I made another, weared cover, and since the cover was upgraded, finally decided to name the song obviously version 2.1
article written by Carsten Smith.
download thendownload obviously 2.1
list of content:
01. guess I wouldn't dare, 2013.02. then, 2010.
03. slepless nights, 2012.04. seen it before, 2011. "WARN!"
05. you and my bad behaviour, 2010.06. obviously 2.1 , 2018.
"WARN!" high frequency error, can dammage your ears, if you listen to it, at higher levels for to long. Especially by the use of ordinary EARPHONES.